Contestants must strike a spark with steel against flint (no modern fire sticks or starters), catch the spark on a piece of charcloth, coax the ember, ignite a bit of tinder, and light a candle… all within a 2-minute time period. The shortest time in each category wins a fire steel forged by the resident smith, Tom Latane. A child winner must be accompanied by an adult to be presented with a fire steel.

Novice Category

Participants may practice from 10:30 – 11:00. Flint, steels, charcloth, and tinder will be lent to novices for practice and competition. There is no charge for practicing.

Experienced Category

Contestants may use their own historic-style tinder boxes or borrow materials.

Contest Info

  • Saturday, September 14

  • Sign up at the Traditional Crafts area on Saturday morning

  • Contest starts at 11:00am

  • Novice: $2 entry fee
    Experienced: $3 entry fee